日本サッカー協会が、アジアサッカーの価値を高める支援活動を行っていることを、FIFAに所属する世界のサッカー有識者にPRするためのツール。 サッカーファンは戦術にうるさい、という特性を考慮し、日本代表チームの国際試合での名ゴールシーンを再現したリーフレットを制作。タイトルは「CROSS TALK」。日本サッカー協会副会長とイビチャオシム氏(元日本代表監督)が、アジアサッカーの可能性について様々な意見をクロスさせた対談を記事化。クロスパスによって生まれたゴールの軌跡を「紐」で表現し、それを紐解くと中面が見られる仕掛けになっている。

Trajectory to the goal as a binding string

JFA (Japan Football Association) has been contributing in spreading and developing football in Asia through football support to children, but the actual situation was not very much known. As a model association of Asian Football Confederation where 46 countries and areas participated in, we were going to raise their recognition in FIFA. We have made a series of reaflet designs which recreates famous scenes of memorable moments when Japanese national football team scored a goal at international matches. These designs were hugely inspired by a character of footbll fans who are very enthusiastic about strategies, tactics, and formations for football. The title of this reaflet is "CROSSTALK". An article which JFA vice-president and Ivica Osim (former national coach of Japan) were “crossing” their various opinion about possibility of Asian football in the interview was written inside the direct mail. Designing original warped envelope which is expressing the route of goal by crossing pass from real football match. By the action of unwrapping envelope, the contents will appear to football lovers.

Client : Japan Football Association 
Creative Director : Koji Hirayama 
Art Director: Yoshinaka Ono 
Designer : Yoshinaka Ono
Designer : Yuto Nakayama
Designer : Ryuto Furukubo 
Copy Writer : Kazuhisa Nishimura 
Printing Director : Mitsuo Yoshinaka 
Photo : Yuki Kawakami
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