We branded the whole cafe based on the concept of "light”.
We aimed at a cafe like a lighthouse illuminating the city,
a cafe where people gather under the light.
With "lx" which is a unit of brightness as the shop name,
the logo was designed with the light bulb as a motif according to the store name.
In addition, we formed "lx" with filament.
Inside the store, we effectively used various lighting fixtures,
finished in a layout that can be relaxed under different lights for each area.

「光」をコンセプト に店舗全体をブランディング。

Client: Seikoen
Creative Director: Yoshinaka Ono
Creative Director: Kazuhisa Nishimura
Art Director: Yoshinaka Ono
Copy Writer: Kazuhisa Nishimura
Copy Writer: Omi Hara
Designer: Hiroshi Imamura
Designer: Yuri Yoshida
Designer: Saki Takahashi
Photographer: Masaya NAkashima
Account Executive: Ryo MIzumachi