The client is a chain of arcades which has over 800 game arcades across Asia. In recent years, parents are earnest about children’s education.
They tend to think that game arcade is bad for children’s education, growth, and it’s something unhealthy. We needed to overturn this prejudice.
We had our eye on an old game, “air hockey” which has been in every one of their stores for years
and recreated it as a brand-new intellectual training game “GRID AIR HOCKEY”.
Players can make their original stage on the board with gird and choose the favorite “smasher” from unique 7 kinds.
With enormous combinations of blocks and smashers,
the game offers greater expandability and flexibility which have never been achieved in existing game arcades.
“GRID AIR HOCKEY” is now introduced in their 50 stores and achieved 220% sales compared to that of existing air hockey.

この先入観を覆すべく、どの店舗にもある古い体感ゲーム「エアホッケー」に目をつけ、全く新しい知育ゲーム「GRID AIR HOCKEY」として甦らせた。

Client: AEON FANTASY Co., Ltd.
Creative Director: Yoshinaka Ono
Art Director: Yoshinaka Ono
Product Designer: Yoshinaka Ono
Planning Director : Yuichiro Kojima
Copy Writer: Yoichi Ugaeri
Producer : Naoki Yamaguchi
Project Manager: Mihoko Nisii
Product Producer: Kenichi Mizoe
Engineer: Kiyoshi Imai
Sound Designer: Kenichiro Nishihara
Photographer: Yuki Kawakami
Retoucher: Kazuyo Oi, Moemi Odo
Photo Producer: Junpei Inoue
Designer: Midori Nozawa
Designer: Yuichi Iwata
Director: Yoshifumi Matsuo
Editor: Toshiaki Yaginuma