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Global warming, air pollution, modern stress. These are today’s problems, and one reason for them is the lack of green around us. The Mainichi Newspapers took on the challenge of solving this problem using newspapers. On May 4, Greenery Day, Mainichi published a “Green Newspaper”. Printed on special paper infused with plant seeds, it featured articles that conveyed the importance of greening. There were three main ideas behind this project. 1) People could read the newspaper articles and understand the importance of greening. 2) People could take part in greening by planting the newspaper in soil. 3) Sprouts will come from the newspaper within weeks, increasing the amount of green in the world. We planned events, online promotion, posters, and PR around this Green Newspaper. It was a successful social campaign sponsored by a newspaper publisher.

温暖化、ストレス、大気汚染など多くの社会問題を解決するために、世界初、緑になる新聞“Green Newspaper”を制作。 植物の種が入った特別な紙で新聞をつくり、記事面では緑化の大切さを伝えました。 ポイントは3つ。 1) 新聞記事で緑化の大切さが理解できる。 2) 新聞を土に埋めれば緑化に参加できる。 3) 新聞から緑が芽吹き世界に緑がふえる。 さらに、みどりの日にイベントを実施。多くの人がGreen Newspaperを使った緑化体験に参加しました。

Creative Director: Kosuke Takeshige
Art Director: Yoshinaka Ono
Copy Writer: Kosuke Takeshige
Copy Writer: Ken Yamada
Designer: Yoshinaka Ono
Designer: Ryuto Furukubo
Photographer: Yuki Kawakmi
Retoucher: Risa Yamamoto
Photo Producer: Hayato Satomi
Printing Director(Poster): Mitsuo Yoshinaka
Printing Director(NewsPaper): Shintaro Kinoshita
Ivent Producer: Kohei Ai
Ivent Producer: Yoshimitsu Takenaka
Media Planner: Masahiro Sekimoto
Media Planner: Yuki Saotome
Media Planner: Hiroaki Takahashi
Media Planner: Hidenori Ando
Media Planner: Yoko Itoi
Media Planner: Ai Miyahara
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