Business Card / Box

LIMEX / Business Card & Box



Protect about 10 liters of water in one box

The production of our new material LIMEX does not require large amounts of water and wood pulp unlike printing paper. Limestone is the sole material, this minimizes production and commodity costs. In order to expand LIMEX across the globe, we have commercialized our real product in the form of business cards. These business cards are distributed, directly, from person to person. Using the specialties of LIMEX, one LIMEX business card has got 10 lines on it to see how many litres of water you save as a user takes a business card out of a box. In addition, the production of just one box of our LIMEX business cards is able to save 10 litres of water. LIMEX business cards have been used by more than 1300 companies.

Client : TBM Co., Ltd.
Art Director : Yoshinaka Ono
Designer : Yoshinaka Ono
Producer : Nobuyoshi Yamasaki
Director : Takayuki Sasaki
Director : Masashi Watanabe
Director : Toshio Nakano
Photo Producer : Keishi Kataoka
Photographer : Takao Nagase
Retoucher : Kaname Nakamura
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