三ツ星ファーム CM


手軽に美味しく、栄養バランスの整った冷凍弁当宅配サービス「三ツ星ファーム」の初となるTVCMをローンチ。表情豊かな佐藤さんと彩り豊かな弁当を、対比して堂々と魅せることで、飾る必要のない素材の上質さを表現。食べた瞬間の多様な味覚や美味しさと、弁当のシズル感やバリエーションの豊富さを、同時に凝縮して訴求しています。いろいろご馳走ほしい、ごろごろお野菜ほしい、らくらく出来立てほしい♪ と歌うオリジナルソングで、ブランドの魅力も印象付けました。

Three Wishful Thinking Songs

The first TV commercial for Mitsuboshi Farm, a frozen bento boxed lunch delivery service that is easy, tasty, and nutritionally balanced, was launched. The expressive Ms. Sato and the colorful bento boxes are contrasted in a majestic and captivating manner, expressing the quality of the ingredients without the need for decoration. The TV commercial simultaneously emphasizes the diverse tastes and delicacies of the moment you eat the bento, as well as the sizzle and variety of the bento. The original song, "I want a variety of delicacies, I want vegetables in abundance, I want freshly prepared food..." also conveys the appeal of the brand.

Client : inglewood
Creative Director : Yoshinaka Ono
Art Director : Yoshinaka Ono
CM Planner:Yoshinaka Ono
Designer : Midori Utsumi

Producer : Takaharu Hatori (TYO MONSTER)
Producer : Kento Yoshida (TYO MONSTER)
Production Manager : Naoki Takeda (TYO MONSTER) 
Cokking Stylist : Yuka Miyazaki (freelance)
Stylist : Mitsue Ishigami (freelance)
Hair Make : Kayumi Kawazoe (illumini)
Performer : Shiori Sato (Stardust Promotion) 
CM Director : Yohei Ishida (freelance)
Cameraman : Chiyoe Sugita (TRAVOLTA)
Lightman : Masaki Noda (TORUS FILM)
Offline Editor : Yo Sakai (freelance)
Online Editor : Makoto Hoashi (IMAGICA)
Mixer : Joji Kita (IMAGICA)
Music Composer : Toru Midorikawa  (MERODY PUNCH)
Music Producer : Kotaro Marubashi (MERODY PUNCH)
Music Composer : Ryohei Isomura (rokuonjyo) 

Photographer : Junpei Kato (freelance)
Retoucher : Hayato Ono (freelance)
Printing Director : Katsuya Suzuki (Hakkou Art)

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