To activate communication between the Mainichi Newspaper and young people, who tend to read newspapers less these days. In order to have young people rediscover the value of newspapers, we developed a medium that continuously increases the contact points between young people and the Mainichi Newspaper.  In concrete terms, we changed the packaging of the mineral water that is bought by young Japanese each day into a newspaper, and over one month sold 31 varieties. When arranging the bottles of mineral water in the store, we replicated the packaging design of the real thing, copying the newspaper logo and the typeface, so it would look like real newspapers lined up for sale. 

メディア環境の変化により新聞の購読者数が減っている。特に新聞離れが顕著な若者を取り込むためのキャンペーンとして、 年々消費量が増えているミネラルウォーターに着目。ミネラルウォーターのパッケージを新聞記事にして、これまでにないデザインのミネラルウォーターを開発。パッケージの記事を1ヶ月で31種類発売し、新聞のように毎日違う記事が読めるようにしました。 パッケージには広告枠も設けることで商品単価を50%下げました。

Creative Director: Kosuke Takeshige
Creative Director: Yoshinaka Ono
Creative Director: Ken Yamada
Art Director: Yoshinaka Ono
Copy Writer: Kosuke Takeshige
Copy Writer: Ken Yamada
Designer: Yoshinaka Ono
Designer: Hideya Kuramoto
Media Planner: Masahiro Sekimoto
Media Planner: Atsushi Makino
Media Planner: Hiroaki Takahashi
Photographar: Kenicih Sonehara
Photographar: Atsuhiro Shirahata
Producer: Yuta Sato
Assistant Producer: Hayato Satomi