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電子タバコのトータルブランディング。ネーミング、ロゴ、パッケージ、その他各種ツールを制作。シンボルは、ニコチン、タール、フュームといった、有害成分を含まない特徴を打ち消し線で表現。NIX /無い + ER /人 を組み合わせ、「NIXER」とネーミングを開発。パッケージは、若い女性にも受け入れられるよう、白を基調としたクリーンな印象づけを行う一方、ソリッドなロゴタイプや色面を用いることで、喫煙者の多い壮年男性に対しても、親和性のあるデザインに。

A magnificent smoke.

Total branding of e-cigarettes. We created the naming, logo, packaging, and various other tools. The symbol is a strike-through line that expresses the characteristics of being free of harmful ingredients such as nicotine, tar, and fumes, and the name "NIXER" was developed by combining the words "NIX" (no) and "ER" (person). The packaging was designed to give a clean impression with a white base so that it would be acceptable to young women, while the solid logotype and colors were used to create a design that would be friendly to mature men, who are often smokers.

Client : maxel
Creative Director : Yoshinaka Ono
Art Director : Yoshinaka Ono
Designer : Midori Utsumi
Designer : Yusuke Takahashi
Designer : Shun Maeda

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