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人類の歴史とは、今の物差しを超えたアイデアの積み重ねである。今は一見無意味と思われるような斬新なモノこそが、未来のイノベーションを起こす可能性を秘めている。そこで我々は、DentsuがSXSW2019に出展するにあたり、「Pointless Brings Progress(価値が定かでないモノが、未来を連れてくる)」というメインコンセプトを掲げ、トータルデザインを行った。 価値が定かでない物体同士の結合は、「Pointless」であるとともに、 Dentsuのクリエーティビティと、パートナーのテクノロジーによって生まれた、今回の複数の展示物のことを指し示す。これらの未知の造形は、さまざまな可能性を想起させ、見る者のインスピレーションを刺激する。その先には、きっと「Progress」がやってくる。

Exhibition booth at SXSW 2019

The history of mankind has always been about coming up with ideas that exceed existing standards. Novel things and ideas that may seem pointless at the moment, may have the power to create an innovative future. With this in mind, we came up with the main concept of “Pointless Brings Progress (things with no certain value will help bring the future)” for SXSW2019 and undertook all of the design work for the exhibit which showcased the products DENTSU developed in collaboration with its partners. Unifying two objects of uncertain value not only embodied the “Pointless” aspect of the exhibition concept, but also represented the displays which were born out of the amalgamation of Dentsu’s creativity and the technologies of its partners. We designed dozens of patterns, all made up of different combinations of two various shapes, which were incorporated in the DM, the booth decorations, website, videos, and other collateral, as well as various other media and mediums.

Client: Dentsu Inc.
Executive Creative Director: Yasuharu Sasaki
Executive Creative Director: Mitsushi Abe
Creative Director: Tsudou Honda
Art Director: Yoshinaka Ono
Art Director: Ayaka Okamoto
Copy Writer: Shota Ekuni
Designer: Keita Asaoka
Designer: Makoto Akabane
Designer: Makoto Akabane
Film Director: Ryousuke Sone
Music: Masayuki Noda
Producer: Takuji Okamoto
Producer: Shotaro Matsumoto
© Yoshinaka Ono  All rights reserved.