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SINCE 1995



What people have created after 23 years

A special issue looking back on the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995 by the Kobe Newspaper. The top and bottom portions of each page represents a comparison between the time of the earthquake and now. The upper half are images that depict the progress of what people have produced over the course of 23 years. The title and explanation are written on the right of each image.  The lower half, characterized in black, expresses the devastation caused by the Great Earthquake and the absence of technology and countermeasures. The tagline and SINCE 1995 are written on the left side. “On that day, at that moment, what it left to us was not just losses”. There was not just despair when we looked back at the disaster. This is a project that we, the Japanese, could look back on with pride; one that allows us to reflect on what we have accomplished in the aftermath of a new disaster and to be used as motivation to continue moving forward.

Creative Director : Kazunori Kawagoshi
Art Director : Yoshinaka Ono
Copy Writer : Koji Hirayama
Designer : Katsunori Nishino
Photographer : Junpei Kato
Retoucher : Takuya Tsugane
Photo Producer : Hayato Satomi
Photo Producer : Akira Yagai
Location Coordinater : Masahisa Shikimi
Printing Director : Asaki Matsumoto
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