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Attendance at the Tokyo Motor Show had been in decline for years,partially due to a failure to reflect trends such as the car industry’s shift towards providing mobility as a service (MaaS). We decided to overhaul the event by making it more open and expansive. We added three venues—connected with the first outdoor area in the event’s history—and offered attractions that appealed to young and old, men and women alike. We then created a logo symbolizing humanity and the outdoors and a visual motif depicting a vibrant future where mobility has permeated every aspect of our lives. We used the two visual assets in all our communication, dividing the motif into target-specific images as necessary for use in a variety of ads, as well as for homepage and TV ad takeovers. The assets were also incorporated in the event area itself to create a theme park-like visual cohesion. Attendance jumped from 770,000 to 1.3 million, including a threefold increase in children. By taking mobility outside of the car and expanding it to a variety of areas and interests, we were able to create a more dynamic display of mobility’s future that attracted a much wider audience.

東京モータショーは、クルマ好きの男性へ向けた展示として開催を続けてきた結果、来場者数はピーク時の1/3にまで減少。多くの来場者と注目を 集めるモーターショーへの改革が求められた。そこで、 2019 年は会場を1つから4つに増やし、それらを史上初 となる屋外エリアで繋げ、老若男女が楽しめるコンテンツ を提供した。さまざまな生活者にとってのモビリティがつ くる未来を描いたビジュアルを制作。ターゲットごとに切 り分けて、各媒体でも活用。さらに企業横断でのWeb サイト、テレビCM ジャックも実施。会場はロゴとビジュ アルを基調に統一されたテーマパークへと変貌させた。 結果、前回の来場者77 万人から130万人にV 字回復。 子どもの来場者も200%増。モビリティを「クルマ」とい う狭い概念から解放し、さまざまな分野や趣味に拡張す ることで、より多様な来場者を引きつけることに成功した。

Client: Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA)
Creative Director: Yoshinaka Ono
Art Director: Yoshinaka Ono
Copy Writer: Ryo Kuribayashi, Kohji Hirayama
Communication Planner: Ryo Kuribayashi, Aya Naga
Crative Producer: Chiyo Hisano
Designer: Ai Onodera, Yusuke Takahashi
Illustrator: Aleksandar Savic
Coordinator: Motoo Hahn
Senior Business Producer: Reiko Goto

Business Producer: Hiroyuki Sato, Akira Oishi
Event Producer: Yuma Takenaka, Kenji Ozaki

Firm Producer: Takaharu Hatori
Production Maneger: Asako Watanabe
Firm Director: Mizuhiro
Animator: Mizuhiro
Music Producer:  Keisuke Tominaga
Mixer:  Takuji Kobayashi
Photographer: Hiromitsu

Retoucher: Akira Takeuchi
Photo Producer: Hayato Satomi
Copy Writer: Zal Sethna
Editor: Miki Iimura