The Kutani porcelain Art Museum


九谷の歴史を学ぶ五彩館、代表的な作家の浅蔵五十吉記念館、気軽に九谷焼陶芸体験ができる体験館、新進作家の活動を見学できる職人工房の四館を統合し、交流や文化の出会いを促し、作家の育成から、展示、美の継承、産業活動まで、有機的に連携するエリアとして「能美市九谷焼美術館」と総称しました。KAMは、The Kutani porcelain Art Museum の頭文字です。カラーは九谷焼の線描きで使用する呉須(ごす)と呼ばれる酸化マンガンの色を抽出しています。

Art museum complex

The Gosai-kan, where you can learn about the history of Kutani, the Asakura Gojukichi Memorial Museum, where you can experience Kutani-yaki pottery, and the Shokunin Kobo, where you can observe the activities of up-and-coming artists, have been integrated into an area that promotes exchange and cultural encounters, and organically coordinates everything from the development of artists to exhibitions, the transmission of beauty, and industrial activities. KAM is an acronym for The Kutani Porcelain Art Museum. The colors are extracted from manganese oxide called gosu, which is used in Kutani ware line drawing.

Client: Nomi City
Creative Director: Yutaka Yoshida
Art Director: Yoshinaka Ono
Designer: Ryota Sugawara
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