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The Study of Human Being

広告電通賞展 2016


Dentsu Advertising Awards 2016

The Japan Advertising Awards is the most prestigious advertising award in Japan. We worked on the total design for this awards. Great advertisement only comes from acute observations of human being: its behavior and the deep understanding of psychology. This universal value never changes with the times, however the modes of advertising become more varied and ambitious.

Client : Dentsu Advertising Awards Selection Council
Creative Director : Yoshihiro Yagi
Copy Writer : Haruko Tsutsui
Art Director : Yoshinaka Ono
Copy Writer : Marina Danjo
Designer : Katsunori Nishino
Photographer : Ryohei Takanashi
Retoucher : Takuya Tsugane
Photo Produce r: Ryo Ikeda
Photo Producer : Tomomi Arii
Photo Producer : Kumiko Furukawa
Printing Director : Masaharu Nishiyama
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