Temporasy Enclosure

The waterfront of Tokyo is right there


浜松町駅から徒歩6分で海辺に出られる事実で、新開発の竹芝エリアへの誘引を図ったサイン。海辺の方向を示す矢印を波うたせることで、その先に海があることを示唆。水彩タッチの爽やかな色合いにすることで、 街の風景として威圧感が出過ぎないよう配慮。

Sign to the waterfront area

The fact that the seaside is only a six-minute walk from Hamamatsucho Station is a sign that aims to attract people to the newly developed Takeshiba area. The arrow pointing in the direction of the seaside is waved to suggest that the sea is just ahead. The use of fresh colors with a touch of watercolor creates an attractive cityscape. It is not too intimidating.

Client : East Japan Railway Company
Creative Director : Yoshinaka Ono
Art Director : Yoshinaka Ono
Designer : Wataru Sakamoto
Strategic Planner : Shigeru Ogawa,
Strategic Planner : Naruki Kojima
Crative Producer : Aki Daisho
Buisiness Producer : Keichiro Adachi,
Buisiness Produce : Masahiro Majima
Photographer : Hiromitsu
Retoucher : AkiraTakeuchi
© Yoshinaka Ono  All rights reserved.