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Volkswagen Owner’s Pass



It will make you love your car more.

This is a special piece that only Volkswagen owners can get their hands on. It not only introduces the charm of the brand loved all over the world from various angles, but also It also provides information on car maintenance and special campaigns. There is no admission fee and no annual fee. In order to increase the value of this service and promote the membership rate, a redesign was developed with the visual of the V in the VW emblem. It is a symbol that condenses the relationship between the owner's love for the VW car and the car's love for the owner.

Client : VOLKSWAGEN Group Japan
Creative Director : Kenji Yokokawa
Art Director : Yoshinaka Ono
Copy Writer : Kenji Yokokawa
Designer : Hideya Kuramoto
Designer : Shinpei Yashima
© Yoshinaka Ono  All rights reserved.