Mr.Volks driving



Charming appeal of auto parts

This is a story about a part that is not easily explained to users at Volkswagen dealerships. In contrast to the oily, petty atmosphere of the product, the product is composed of simple visuals that resemble a picture book for young children, and copy that is easy for the reader to learn. This lowers the psychological hurdle and makes the owners themselves want to talk to the salespeople. The aim was to lower the psychological hurdle and make the owners themselves want to talk to the salespeople. While keeping in mind the format that can be used to introduce any parts, the woman sitting in the passenger seat is different every time, which is a spice for adults.

Client: VOLKSWAGEN Group Japan
Creative Director: Kenji Yokokawa
Art Director: Yoshinaka Ono
Copy Writer: Kotaro Abe
Designer: Hideya Kuramoto
Designer: Shinpei Yashima
© Yoshinaka Ono  All rights reserved.