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「XD」は、英語圏で使われる「笑顔の顔文字」であるとともに、今回の出展テーマ「MULTIPLY YOU DENTSU」のメタファー。デジタルテクノロジーによって生まれたコミュニケーションの象徴とも言える顔文字が、多種多様な事象・言語の間をダイナミックに駆け巡り、組み合わさっていく。やがてシンギュラリティを迎える世界で、従来の広告代理店としての領域を飛び越え、イノベーションによって人々を笑顔にするというDENTSUの新たな意志を象徴。

Exhibition booth at SXSW 2018

"XD" represents the emoticon, as well as the exhibition theme "MULTIPLY YOU DENTSU" (with the "X" for multiply and "D" for Dentsu). One can say that the emoticon was born from digital technology, and through its dynamic existence within a diverse range of languages and expressions, has established itself as a distinct form of communication. Similarly, we hoped to represent DENTSU's goal of bringing a smile on people's faces through innovation, and also by reaching beyond the conventional realms of an advertising agency, especially in a world that could move towards technological singularity.

Client : DENTSU INC.
Executive Creative Director : Yasuharu Sasaki
Executive Creative Director : Mitsushi Abe
Creative Director : Tsudou Honda
Art Director : Yoshinaka Ono
Copy Writer : Shota Ekuni
Designer: Yuki Miyake
Designer : Keita Asaoka
Designer : Katsuhiro Uto
Film Director : Ryousuke Sone
Animation Director : rau
Animation Director : Tetsurou Ishii
Music : Masayuki Noda
Producer : Takuji Okamoto
Producer : Jun Kato
Producer : Kouya Tamesue
Printing Director : Emiko Kawashima
Printing Director : Masakazu Takamatsu
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